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Guest Preference Survey
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Please print  and fill out the attached questionnaire; it helps us know your preferences, special needs and charter experiences. Feel free to add any additional notes or comments, the more the merrier. It is important that all members of your party help with the survey, each member may fill out their own if you wish. Return the sheet to the address below at your earliest convenience.

Once we receive your survey we will call you and go over any questions we may have and answer any of yours. If you will be traveling prior to your charter please note the dates when you can be reached at the contact numbers.

Due to new Homeland security measures we must have full address, birth date,  and passport numbers of all guests to submit to the Coast Guard prior to departure.

Name                                 Full Mailing    Address                         Phone Number             Birth date           Passport number      Shoe Size*

(as it appears on your passport)







*Please list shoe sizes so we can ensure we have snorkel fins for everyone

Emergency Contact Number ________________________*Our office, Flagship, may be used as an emergency contact. Their number is 340-774-5630.

You may want to bring your cellular phone. The two major cellular companies in the USVI are ATT and Sprint. Contact your carrier about service in the USVI and in the BVI.  You may want to use a local company for service in the BVI and this can be done here, with your phone. 

Will you be staying in a hotel prior to your charter? Which hotel? Please note that boarding time is 12 PM. The day a charter starts is very hectic for us and any early birds will find a very disheveled crew doing last minute shopping or cleaning. ___________________

If your flight arrives prior to 12 PM please let us know in advance and make arrangements to drop your luggage at the yacht while you browse the nearby shops.

Flight Information

Airline and flight number ____________________________

Arrival Time ________________ Departure Time ______________________

We will call you about one week before your vacation to go over any questions we or you might have and let you know where the boat will be docked. Depending upon your flight arrival time, we will have lunch or hors d'oeuvres ready for you when you board.

Have you ever chartered a yacht before? How many times? ____Was it sail or power?________ Crewed or bareboat?___________ Have you chartered or vacationed in the Virgin Islands before? ________________

Please give a brief description of your groups boating experiences: _________________________________ __________________________

Storage space aboard any boat is always at a premium so it is best if you can pack in soft, duffle type bags that can be rolled up and stowed in a closet. Most guests find that they have over packed; you will live in your bathing suit, tee shirts and shorts. You may want a light cardigan for evenings and some people like to use old pajamas to protect them from the sun while snorkeling. Dressing up in the Caribbean usually entails putting on shoes!! Do bring plenty of sun block!!  Recently sunscreens have been causing permanent stains on our light colored fabrics.  Please do NOT bring Coppertone products.  We know that Neutrogena or Reef Safe brands are non-staining.  Please bring these brands only.  Please do not bring self tanning lotions, oils or spray brands, they will damage the boat.

We do not have any pre-planned itinerary; each charter is unique and tailored to our guests personal preferences. We have developed a rhythm and pace that makes a comfortable day. We like to move twice a day, after breakfast and again after lunch. Some days you may want to stay in one location longer-no problem. The choice is yours. Most trips take about an hour  (you will hear Wayne say that a lot!). During the week we will take you to remote bays for fabulous snorkeling, drop you off on palm lined beaches for long walks or you can go into the little towns to shop for local crafts and souvenirs.

On most charters people want to go out to eat dinner one or two times. There is a wide selection of restaurants throughout the islands with great food and incredible ambiance. West Indian food, seafood, traditional fare and international styles are available. Typically, meals are priced between $12-25 per person for dinner, lobster meals a bit more. Please understand that this is at your expense and will not be deducted from your charter fee.

Please list any medical and/or dietary problems we should be aware of: _________________________________________________________________________

Food Preferences

This is for the entire charter party, please get each charter guests feedback-it is very important. !!!

The variety and quality of supplies available vary dramatically and while we will make every effort to cater to your desires we may not be able to find unusual items. Once we leave St. Thomas there are few places to get items, so please take some time to consider to kind and amounts of items, especially drinks, you would like to have.

Included in your charter are all on board meals, snacks, standard bar and house wines. Above top shelf bar (ie Grey Goose vodka), wine and all champagne requests will be put on board at the your expense.

Breakfast isn usually served at 8 am, with coffee and juices available earlier. A continental breakfast consists of Barbara's homemade muffins, fresh fruit salad, cereals and yogurt. We also offer a heartier, American style breakfast.

Please indicate if you would like continental only________, American only_________, or if you would like to alternate days ____________.

Would anyone like juice other than orange for breakfast?_______________ Does anyone drink tea?_________ preferred brand?___________Would anyone like decaf coffee in the morning?_________ .

We usually have Lunch between 12 and 1 PM. The entrees may be hot or cold but always include a salad and fresh, homemade bread. Do you have any particular likes or dislikes?__________________________________________________________________________________________________


As the sun starts to go down Barbara will bring out hors d'oeuvres . Dinner is usually served at 7:30 PM but can be planned for earlier. It would take pages to list all the dinner entrees Barbara might cook. The entrees is served with fresh vegetables, starch and homemade bread.

Please indicate if anyone in your party dislikes the following:

Beef ____________________ Lobster ____________________

Chicken _________________ Shrimp _____________________

Rack of Lamb __________________ Fish________________________

Pork ________________________ Pasta _____________________

Are there any particular items you dislike (mushrooms, garlic, etc)?_______________________________

Do you like spicy food? ______________________________________________

Would you like dessert after dinner? ______________________________

Would you like coffee or tea after dinner? _________________Decaf or Regular?________

In between meals a variety of snacks are always available in a basket of snacks on the back deck.

Now for the important stuff............

Drink Preferences

Please fill this out as completely as possible. When you ask for an item that may be hard to find please give an alternate choice. Storage is, of course, always a problem so please try to estimate the amounts. Except for wine and liquor we do not stock glass bottles. Keep this in mind as it is a problem for some beer brands. We substitute seltzer water in plastic bottles for sparking water in glass.

Soft Drinks

               Brand                                                                                                                                   Amount





Juices and other mixers (include items you like in your drinks-cherries, olives, etc)



                                      Brand                                                                                                                                          Amount





                                    Brand                                                                                                                                            Amount



Are there any special liquors you would like us to stock at your expense?___________________________________________



Some people will drink red or white wine exclusively, while others will choose a wine to accompany their meal.

What is your preference? ______________________________________________Approximately how many bottles of wine will you drink with dinner? _________Will you have wine with lunch?_____

Are there any particular wines or champagnes you would like us to stock, at your expense?_____________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are there any special occasions during your charter that you would like us to be aware of? Birthday? (whose)?_________________Anniversary (whose?)____________________Other?__________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. If there are any other requests or areas that you would like to comment on, please do so. This information can better prepare us for your charter vacation. We look forward to seeing you!!!

Comments: (use the reverse side for additional space)


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