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June 20, 2012
  We had a great week on Victoria.  Couldn't have celebrated our 40th anniversary any better.  Carried and Grant say "ditto" for their 6th anniversary.  Meg loved the scuba diving and her many adventures with Wayne under water.  We hope to return again-what a great week and, oh thanks for the additonal 5 lbs each we all gained!  Barb, your meals were incredible.
Tuttles, Jules, Meggers, Choppers and Tram the outlaw!

April 13, 2012

Dear Barbara and Wayne,
This has been such an amazing vacation,  The food was BOMB! and no one is as good of a captain than Wayne.  I had so much fun guys!  Hopefully we'll be back soon.
oxo Mackenzie (16)

Barbara and Wayne,
 The perfect vacation!  Just what we hoped for and more!  Love the adventure, snorkeling, scuba amazing food, hospitality.  Hope to be back soon and do it all again!  Until that day, be well, enjoy and keep in touch.
Pure Vida!

March 2, 2012
Wayne, Barbara and Jacob,
   Thank you again for such a wonderful vacation on the new boat Victoria.  The second time around was even better!  Can't wait to plan the next one with you-your knowlege of the islands is incredible, making the journey with you priceless!
Jerod and Marnie

Your hospitality is beyond words!  We loved Flame, and Victoria is equally fabulous.  What a perfect vacation!  You bost are amazing hosts, tour guides and of course, chefs! :).
See you again (hopefully sooner than later)
Much love,
Erik and Jenny

New Year's 2012

Hi Barbara & Wayne!!!

We still cannot quit talking about our trip. It was the most memorable trip of a lifetime for us. I do have some news to tell you...On our last day on the island Buz proposed!!!!! It was the perfect ending to the perfect trip. Of course I said YES!

We all want to thank you for such an amazing piece of paradise and memories that we will truly cherish for a lifetime to come. Wayne your captain skills were excellent and it was the first time all of us "boaters" could comfortably sit back and let you do your thing when needed. Don't think for a second when some of the boats got very close we didn't want to get up with you and make sure they didn't hit your beautiful Victoria. We loved hearing about all of the islands and your insight on life there.

Barbara - Your food was amazing!!!!! I never thought we would have every meal on the yacht but none of us wanted to miss a morsel it was so great!!! I couldn't believe you made every single thing from scratch. What a job and what a treat it was for us. The lobster of course was our best meal (if we had to choose one), the pizza was excellent, salads, breads (oh the breads!!)....I could go on and on and on over the food. Thank you for everything.

To Jacob - the cat who has my ultimate life... my little four legged friend you were great! My dogs do not even behave as well as you did my friend. I can;t wait to send your parents some of the wonderful pictures I have of you in all your splendor. You even won over a "non" cat person. Vince said if he would ever own a cat he would want one just like you!

Lastly to the two of you when I say our trip was amazing I truly mean it. Buz and I will have a very hard time justifying ever taking another "land" vacation again. We want to come back and explore more and stay longer! Even though we had to do the NY at Jost Van Dyke for once, our next trip we want to experience some of the special places you both described.

Thanks Again for a memory of a lifetime!!!

Nina & Buz

Dear Barbara and Wayne,
   I can not believe that we have been home a week  and a half and I have not written to thank you for the incredible week we had!  It has taken me this long to recover from the shock of coming home (the cold and rain did not help) and trying to get back into our hectic life.  As Katherine told you, we ALL cried on and off for 24 hours.  The resort we stayed at was quite lovely..but we hated it..there were people there, we had to eat in a restaurant, and it did not sway gently back and forth (although it felt like it did).  You really treated us to a vacation of a lifetime.  As I told a friend of mine, I felt like I had a love affair and it was over!  However, I am now starting to recover from the shock of re-entry, but my friends are getting tired of me walking around smiling as I hold the fond memories of a week aboard Flame in my head.  I really do not know how to thank you for giving us such a perfect time.
   Barbara, I had told you I would send you some recipes, as well as the name of a cookbook.  They are following.   We have made muffins out of your cookbook (I really like the fact that they can be started the night before and just put together the next morning).  Katherine made your sausage and tomatoes pasta for my birthday on Sunday. The children frequently request "Barbara Food"

Wallingford, PA

Dear Barbara and Wayne,
   The airplane food was not up to Barbara's standards.  We missed the bagpipe serenade last night.  I had to wear flannel pajamas to bed.   My bed did not rock me to sleep last night.  I tried to get David to do it, but it just wasn't the same-no, not that kind of rocking!!  I had to stumble into the kitchen this morning and assemble the coffee pot all by myself!!  I don't know who my cat is anymore-I said to her this morning, "Come here sweet boy"-Midnight is a girl. AND, I guess my family will expect me to cook tonight! ARRRRRR!!!  It's a cold, cruel world!!
   Just wanted to drop you a note and try to tell you how much we enjoyed our week with you guys and the Flame.  We got home last night about 10:00pm and stayed up until 12:00 telling the boys about the week.  David and I talked about whether or not it would be a vacation the boys would enjoy, but after talking to them about you guys (or shall I say "y'all") and what we did, they're fired up to come.  We will synchronize our calendars for next year and let you know as soon as possible.
   David and I travel a great deal and we enjoy everywhere we go, but last week was something really special to us.  We live a very blessed life in Fort Worth.  Our boys are terrific (I'm not bragging, just being honest) and we have wonderful friends here.  David loves his job, so it's not as if we have to 'get away' to have fun.  We think it's the change in just how simple you can make life.  Plus, getting to observe God's beauty in the air, on the land , and under the sea all at the same time is pretty neat.  I'm not sure, but the food and you two might have something to do with it too!  Without sounding too corny, you two provide a wonderful service for people and you do your job very well!!
   Thanks again for all the trouble in setting up the bagpipe rendezvous.  If that guy is not available next year when we come I might just bring my own-no kidding, they had bagpipes for sale in the Skyway magazine for $500!!.  If you run into the piper again, please tell him how much we enjoyed his performance.
   Well, guess I better sign off.   Give Josh a kiss from all of us.

Melinda and David
Fort Worth, TX

Dear Mr. Dori,
    Enclosed is the evaluation sheet that you sent regarding my husband and my trip on FLAME.  I have filled it out, but wanted to tell you in a separate letter that Captain Wayne and Barbara seem to have found the keys to making a motor yacht vacation an experience of a lifetime.  They welcomed us warmly and continued to treat us as friends and guests simultaneously during the entire voyage.
   They have equipped FLAME in the most thoughtful way.  One of the little things is a big basket on the aft deck into which everyone's incidental items are placed w
hen they have been mis-placed.  Looking for your sunglasses?  Look in the basket.  Can't find your paperback?  Look in the basket.  It may seem like a little thing, but we loved it.  I'm stealing the idea for our summer house.
   We have been on the water for a week with Captain/Chef couples who had difficulty managing the Owner/Guest relationship.  Barbara and Wayne got it exactly right.  They were friendly and happy to visit with us and share our experiences, but they also gave our group just the right amount of "alone" time.  We really enjoyed the early morning coffee time on deck.
   FLAME is  gracious boat and Barbara, Wayne and Jacob do her proud.



Dear Wayne and Barbara,
   We couldn't have had a better vacation or a better boat and crew!  You always seemed to know just what we wanted or else made us feel totally comfortable to ask.  We really appreciated all your hard work and extra effort to treat us to a great time and make the kids squeal.   The meals were fabulous, the stories fascinating and the sights fantastic!  Thanks so much for sharing your boat and your expertise with us this week.  We hope to have the opportunity to come back!

Betsey and Gerry  
Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Barbara and Wayne,

   I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our vacation so perfect.  Katherine, Isabel and I will be talking about the trip for the next year (until we can get back aboard Flame).
   Flame is beautiful, comfortable, classic and everything we could have wanted in a charter boat.  The beds were comfortable, the covered aft deck was perfect for getting out of the afternoon sun while still being able to be outside, and the size was just right for mixing comfort with a true boating experience.
   Wayne, your knowledge of 'just where to go' to get that perfect secluded beach with great digging sand (what more could a three year old want) was amazing.  Your ability to steer us to destinations without pressuring us to move faster than we needed to gave us the perfect mix of change without any sense of needing to rush- just what we wanted.
And Barbara...we're still recovering from all of the amazing food.  Three amazing gourmet meals, plus afternoon snacks.  We were spoiled beyond belief!
    Anyway-what it all comes down to, is a huge "THANK YOU" from the three of us.  You took our family into your home and made all of us (especially three year old Isabel) feel welcome, relaxed and exceedingly well cared for.
    Needless to say..."We'll be back!"

Take care,
Charlotte, VT

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